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Disclaimer only matches loan applicants to lenders. We do not lend money and are not correspondents, agents, or representatives of any service provider or lender. We do not provide any lending services directly to consumers or make any decisions regarding credit. We do not recommend any particular service provider, lender, or loan product.

When a consumer completes and submits our online application form, we conduct a search of our database and match him/her to appropriate loan products and lenders. The consumer is matched to a lender who can best fulfill his/her requirements and is inclined to offer a loan.

The lender will inform the consumer about the terms of the loan at the time of approval. This is a free service and there is no obligation to accept any offer. The consumer can review the terms and conditions of the loan at his/her convenience and decide about whether the offer is acceptable. The consumer can contact the lender to seek clarifications if required. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable, the consumer is free to reject the offer.

The consumer will not be under any obligation to at any point. If the consumer opts to enter into a legal contract with the lender, he/she will assume all costs and risks related to the contract. The consumer will only be obligated to the lender once he/she chooses to enter into a contract. does not play any role in deciding the terms, fees, and interest rate of the loan. The actual time taken by a lender to process applications and to transfer funds may differ from the normal time that is mentioned in other parts of this website.

We will disclose your personal details to lenders, business partners, and service providers according to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Lenders may verify the information that is submitted by consumers at the time of application or preform a credit check  Consumers may receive communications from us and our business partners regarding loan products and services that may interest them as per the terms of our Privacy Policy.

The consumer needs to be aware of the risks associated with payday loans. Consumers who are facing credit and debt problems are advised to consult reputable financial counselors. Payday loans are designed to offer financial relief in the short term. They are not designed to be utilized to fulfill long-term requirements. The consumer must be sure that he/she will be able to pay back the loan on time before entering into a legal contract with the lender. does not solicit or offer payday loans in every state and the list of states in which services are offered by us may change from time to time. We advise consumers to educate themselves about the latest developments and changes in regulations and laws relating to payday loans in the state in which they live before applying. does not offer any guarantee that a lender or service provider will offer a loan with acceptable terms, fees, and interest rates. We do not guarantee that consumers will be matched to lenders or service providers when they complete and submit our online form

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